Vestige Products Price List


Today, you will get information about the Vestige Products Price List here. As you all know that Vestige is the only direct selling company of India which has just become the fastest-growing company in India and it has outpaced all the American companies as well.


Vestige has not only achieved success in the business plan but has also set itself apart in the Vestige products price list. The vestige product list is also the lowest in terms of price. If we see the awarding of Vestige Products Price List 2019, then this price is less than all other companies, this means that Vestige product is cheaper than all other companies.

vestige product price list


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If seen, this post is also very helpful for Vestige distributors. Here you will see the vestige product price list 2019, which also contains all the products that Vestige has recently launched.

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vestige products price list 2019

Here are the full details of the vestige products price list with PV and Bv or Dp rate also. Now you can see the vestige products price list 2019.


20001Vestige Neem100 sofgels10.67192320
20002Vestige Flax Oil90 sofgels17.17309515
20003Vestige Spirulina100 capsules11.67210350
20004Vestige Noni90 capsules18.05325500
20005Vestige Aloe Vera60 capsules9.17165275
20006Vestige Amla60 capsules5.83105175
20007Vestige Ganoderma90 capsules26.17471785
20008Vestige Colostrum60 capsules20.50369615
20009Ayusante Procard60 capsules27.33492820
20010Ayusante Glucohealth60 capsules22.67408680
20011Ayusante Toxclean60 capsules23.50423705
20012Ayusante Vital complex60 capsules25.50459765
20013Ayusante Kidneyhealth60 capsules21.67390650
20014Ayusante Liverhealth60 capsules21.83393655
20015Ayusante Respocare60 capsules20.83375625
20016Vestige Curcumin Plus60 capsules30540900
20017Vestige shatavari90 capsules15.33276460
21001Vestige Glucosamine60 tablets17.33312520
21002Vestige Glucosamine100 tablets27486810
21003Vestige L-Arginine15*10 g447921320
21004Vestige Protein Powder200 g22.83411685
21005Vestige Fibre200 g25.67462770
21006Vestige Folic & Iron Plus60 capsules8144240
21007Vestige Calcium100 tablets7.67138230
21008Vestige Stevia100 tablets4.6784140
21009Vestige coenzyme Q 1030 sofgels27.17489815
21011Vestige Protein Powder500 g53.339601600
21012Vestige Detox Foot Patches10 pieces33.446021204
21013Vestige Prime Krill Oil30 sofgels41.677501250
12044Vestige Prime X – TRACT F15*9 g33.616051100
12045Vestige Prime X – TRACT V15*9 g38.19687.51250
21016Vestige Veslim Shake500 g458101350
21017Vestige Veslim90 capsules36.676601100
21018Vestige Cranberry60 capsules54.339781630
21019Vestige Eye Support30 capsules19.17345575
21021Vestige Veslim Tea150 g22.67408680
22001Zeta Special Tea250 g2.6848.15107
22002Zeta Coffee50 g5.2794.8158
22003Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder(Chocolate)200 g16.83303505
22004Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder(Chocolate)500 g38.336901150
22005Lite House Rice Bran oil2 litre9.88177.8395
22006Enerva Choco Flaxseed Bar30 g1.673050
22007Enerva Breakfast Cereal350 g8.3149.5299
22009Lite House Olive Pomace Oil1 litre21.67390.06650
21022Invigo FreshnUp drink200 g6.67120200
23001Assure Soap100 g0.9717.535
23002Assure Complexion Bar(Kesar, Olive & Honey)75 g1.723162
23003Assure Active Deo (Men)150ml4.5381.5163
23004Assure Force Fresh Body Talc100 g1.5928.652
23005Assure Enchant Body Talc100 g1.5928.652
23006Assure Shaving Cream100 g3.3760.6101
23007Assure Rapture (Women Deo)125 ml4.5381.5163
23008Assure Exfoliating Face Scrub60 g8.43151.80253
23009Assure Hair Spa150 g11.67210350
23010Assure Hair Conditioner75 g6.93124.8208
23011Assure Hair Oil200 ml5.5099165
23014Assure Foot Cream50 g4.7084.60141
23015Vescare Insta Relief Cream50 g4.3077.4129
23016Assure BB Cream30 g11.33204340
23017Assure Cocoa & Peach Body Butter200 g14.70264.6441
23018Assure Body Polish150 ml10.30185.40309
23019Assure Body Wash150 ml8.63155.4259
23020Assure Deep Cleanse Shampoo (oily)200 ml4.5381.5163
23021Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo (D&D)200 ml4.5381.5163
23022Assure Daily Care Shampoo (Normal)200 ml4.5381.5163
23023Assure Anti-Ageing Night Cream60 g7.30131.40219
23024Assure Complete Fairness Cream50 g4.6984.50169
23025Assure Instant Glow Face Pack60 g4.8787.6146
23026Assure Facial Massage Cream60 g7.07127.2212
23029Assure Sun Defense SPF 30+60 g7.50135225
23030Assure Clarifying Face Wash60 g4.8787.6146
23031Assure Arctic Perfume Spray100 ml9.17165275
23032Assure Pulse Perfume Spray100 ml9.17165275
23033Assure Aura Perfume Spray100 ml9.17165275
23034Assure Creamy Cleansing Bar75 g1.4726.5053
23035Assure Hand & Body Lotion250 ml6.37114.60191
23036Assure Daily Moisturiser250 ml8.27148.8248
23037Assure Purifying Cleanser + Toner250 ml9.00162270
23038Assure Hand Wash250 ml4.1775.00125
29001Truman UV Shield50 g15.33276460
29002Truman Scalp & Hair Solution30 ml9.00162270
29004Truman Hair Styling Gel100 g8.00144240
29005Truman Face Wash75 ml7.67138230
29006Truman Deodorant150 ml7.69138.38231
29007Truman Bathing Bar125 g3.5764.2107
29008Truman Shaving Gel50 g3.563105
29009Truman After Shave Balm75 g10.83195325
29010Truman Shower Gel150 ml10.00180300
13044Dentassure Dental Floss PicksPack of 203.7560100
24003Dentassure Toothpaste100 g2.173965
24004Dentassure Whitening Toothpaste90 g4.1775125
24005Dentassure Mouth Wash250 ml5.83105175
24006Dentassure Toothbrush Multi Actionset of 46.93124.8208
25001Hyvest Ultrawash Liquid Laundry Detergent500 ml10.70192.60321
25002Hyvest Ultrascrub Dishwashing Liquid500 ml5.90106.20177
25003Hyvest Ultraswab Floor Cleaning Solution500 ml6.20111.6186
25004Hyvest Ultrashine Glass and Household Cleaner500 ml6.57118.2197
25006Hyvest Ultra Matic Detergent Powder500 g4.6784140
25007Hyvest Ultra shield500 ml17.83321.00535
13005Hyvest Spray Application(Empty Bottle With Pump)1 piece0.355.628
25008Hyvest Ultra Guard Toilet Cleaner500 ml3.6766110
14015Vestige Agri – Moss500 ml509001500
14016Vestige Agri – Gold100 g16.67300500
14017Vestige Agri – Biofungicide500 g41.677501250
14018Vestige Agri – Nanotek500 g41.677501250
26005Vestige Agri 823*100 ml9162270
26006Vestige Agri 82500 ml12.57226.20377
26007Vestige Agri 825 litre110.631991.43319
26008Vestige Agri – Humic500 ml16.50297495
27001Sharp Replacement Hepa Filter1 piece92.361662.53325
27002Sharp Air Purifier1 piece616.671110018500



               –Success Plan (available in different languages*)1 Book0020
               –Health Guide (available in different language*)1 Book0032
7005ADistributor Application Form With ID CardSet of 50014
7701Vestige Flip Chart1 piece00180
              –Product Catalogue (available in different languages*)1 piece0032
7101Voice1 piece0051
216Agri-82 Booklet-Hindi1 piece007
7004Truman Guide1 piece11860
7501Vestige Car Book1 Book12.52251125
224AAir Purifier LeafletSet of 50035
7201Leading Ladies Book1 Book12.502251125
7502Wellth on Wheels (Luxury Car Book)1 Book28.335101700
468Vestige Leadership Series Pen Drive1 Piece7.50120600
            –Spirulina/Noni/Flax Oil/Ganoderma/Opportunity/AGRI 82 (available indifferent languages*)1 no.1.0316.555
            –Corporate Cd/L-Arginine/Detox Foot Patch
Weight Mgmt. (available in english & Hindi languages)
1 no.1.2219.565
            –Vestige idol CD1 no.1.4022.5075
436Educational Seminar (NDES) DVDSet of 47.50120400
7401Vestige System Tie1 piece6.67120400
7601Vestige System Saree1 piece21.673901950
          –Vestige T-Shirt (S/M/L/XL/XXL)1 piece7.50135450

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