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vestige Business plan


Vestige Company started on 2 June 2004 is now dealing in word-class wellness vestige products. The vestige business plan is a cumulative plan.. Three people started this company together, Gautam Bali, Kanvar Beer Singh, Deepak Sood. When it started, it had 2 office, Delhi and Bangalore. But today the company has 50+ branch offices and 4500+ distributor centers. In 2008, Vestige opened its first international office in Nepal and in 2012 the second has opened in Dubai. 

Vestige Company Details

Three people started this company together, Mr.Gautam Bali, Mr.Kanwar Beer Singh, Mr. Deepak Sood. When Vestige started, it had only 2 products. But today Vestige talked, it has 2500+ products. And today Vestige has become a leading direct selling company dealing in Word Classes Wellness Products. Vestige Products are also very low in price along with quality.

The best thing about the Vestige business plan is that when a distributor achieves his level, then he never goes down from that level. At the point of reckoning, such a distributor consumes 17% of its level and does not work for 1 month, the level of that distributor will remain only 17% next month.

Vestige Company is the only company in India that has left behind all the other companies in the Achievement. The Vestige Company has 4000+ car achievements and more than 250 people have been taken by Audi, b.m.w, jaguar.

 Vestige Company gives its members the opportunity to live on their terms. There is no rule and regulation to work in the Vestige Company, everybody can work according to their wishes. Every person in vestige can change his life, and for that, he has to do seven things. And that is the seven things.

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  1. Use the products
  2. Share the product’s
  3. Make a guest list
  4. Invitation
  5. Show the plan
  6. Teamwork
  7. Follow up

These are the seven work, if any person does this work daily in his life then he definitely got success and he never falls down.


Here are the benefits of Vestige Marketing Business Plan

  1. Joining is free
  2. When you join Vestige as a distributor in which you are given an Id and Password on behalf of the Vestige Company through which you can view your business and also buy products.
  3. Post joining you must do first purchase from their nearest store at your place within 30–30 day
  4. If you like Vestige products, then you can buy back and if you buy back you will be offered some special offers and consistency. With this, vestige also gives you a bill.
  5. You can buy Vestige products through an online vestige app and offline vestige shop.
  6. On buying products from Vestige, you will get 10 to 20% of product purchase free.
  7. They have a very good training system which is empowering even for people with minimum education. You will see a good mix of people working in this MLM business
  8. If you do not like Vestige’s products then you can return the products within 30 days and withdraw your money (Term and condition allow)
  9. As a customer you buy products rupes 2500 from Vestige for 6 months continuously, Vestige gives you 7 months 2500 products absolutely free.
  10. If you buy products from Vestige, vestige gives you points on each purchase, and Vestige gives you cashback on those points.
  11. There is a lot of level in the vestige company that the cashback is given on the level of those levels.


Vestige Business Plan

Vestige company or Vestige marketing plan offers a very rewarding bonus. The Vestige business Plan is a cumulative plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving higher levels. With this, Vestie offers seven types of income.

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Here are the full details of vestige income

1.saving on consumption – 10-20%

saving on consumption


2.Accumulative Performance Bonus – 5-20%

Performance Bonus


3.Director Bonus -14%

vestige company


4.Leadership overriding bonus -15%

Vestige leadership overriding bonus


5.Travel fund -3%

vetige travel fund


6.Car fund -5%

vestige car fund


7.House fund -3%

vesige business plan


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Vestige constantly improves its products and services, as well as creating new products. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in offering world-class service levels to all its customers. That’s why Vestige has more than 2000 online and offline products today. Which is constantly expanding every year. Also the best thing for the vestige’s distributor that vestige’s shop is available everywhere.


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