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Top MLM Leaders In India – Top 10 Leaders In Network Marketing

Top MLM Leaders In India – Top 10 Leaders In Network Marketing

Top MLM  Leaders In India

Today in this post, I’m telling you about the top MLM leaders in India & top 10 MLM leaders in network marketing. Here I’m also telling about his past life journey and success story. 

So here is the list of Top 10 MLM Leaders in India 2020.

1.Gautam Bali
2. Sidharth Singh
3. Sonu Sharma
4. Deepak Bajaj
5. Chetan Handa
6. Mohit Sardana
7. Pawan Malik
8. Sp Bharil
9. Devendra Sharma
10. Sumit Chauhan

Here are the full Details of top 10 MLM leaders in India

1. Gautam Bali:- Gautam Bali is the CO-founder of Vestige, who started it in June 2004. Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, and Kanwar Bir Singh together started the MLM industry in 2000 with their job savings.

top 10 mlm leader

Gautam Bali is one of the top MLM, network marketer, direct selling, leader of India. He mostly talks about his life’s journeys in the seminars of Vestige. Many people are motivated by looking at their talks and beliefs.

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2. Sonu Sharma:- Sonu Sharma is one of the best leaders in the network marketing industry. He has more than 1.6million YouTube subscribers. Not only on YouTube, but they also give a very good speech in company meetings, so that people have a different passion to do work.

top mlm leaders in india

Sonu Sharma is also the founder of the Indian Dynamic Group. Sonu Sharma is also called Brand Ambassador of Naswiz Company but recently he has joined Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company.

3. Deepak Bajaj:- Deepak is the next name in the top list of network marketer leaders. Deepak Bajaj has been working in the network marketing industry for more than 11 years. Deepak Bajaj started his network marketing journey with Mi Lifestyle Company.

top mlm leaders in india

Deepak Bajaj is a Motivation Speaker, Life Coach, MLM Leader, as well as Network Marketing Book Writer who has also written his own books on networking. Deepak Bajaj started his life from a small town and he says that any dream can be fulfilled with determination, faith, and hard work.

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4. Chetan Handa:- Chetan Handa is one of the best leaders of Galez India Trending Private Limited Company. And not only his own company but also one of the top MLM leaders in India. Chetan Handa also has directorship of 9 other companies.

top mlm leaders

Chetan Handa is a Motivation Speaker, Business Coach, and MLM Trainer as well as a very good mentor for Young Generation.

5. Harshvardhan Jain:- Harshvardhan Jain is one of the best leaders of the MLM industry 2020. He started his network marketing career with his studies.

Top 10 mlm leaders in india 2020

He has an outstanding personality since 2000. He is a great motivational speaker. He has also on youtube and he has a huge fan following on youtube channel. He is a visionary, inspirational coach and a leader in the field of network marketing.

He understands the human situation and business problem along with the unique ability to innovate his programs has earned great success in direct selling.

6. Pawan Malik:- Pawan Malik is the brand ambassador at Vestige Company. Pawan Malik started his network marketing career 18 years ago and today he has 40 lakh plus every month income in the Vestige.

mlm leaders in india
Pawan Malik is also a Motivation Speaker and he also has 135k+ Subscribers on YouTube Channel.
Pawan Malik is a very good example of youth generation as he started working in network marketing at the age of 19.

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7. Sidharth Singh:- Sidharth Singh is the name that broke every limit to make money in network marketing. Sidharth Singh is the person who takes the highest income in the vestige. Sidharth Singh has become the highest-earning person not only in Vestige but also in the network marketing industry in India.

top 10 mlm leader in india

Siddharth Singh did his career in network marketing at the age of 21 along with studies. And today he is one of the top MLM leaders.

8. SP Bharil:- Sp Bharil is a motivational speaker, personality development trainer, and a spiritual person. Sp Bharil is one of the best MLM leaders in the world. But now he is one of the top promoters of Vestige.

Motivational speaker SP Bharil delivers speeches intended to motivate & inspire an audience. He communicates strategy with clarity, to help people to see the future in a positive light.

mlm leadres in india

He has also written a book named 18 chapters. In 2006 SP Bharil awarded with ” Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award “.

SP Bharil is a successful management guru, an excellent motivator and an awe-inspiring leader. By creating awareness about and promoting the significance of hope and spiritual approach, he is constantly helping the people to transform their dreams into reality.

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9. Devendra Sharma:- Devendra Sharma is the top executive leader in MLM Business, and is also a Leadership Coach, Seminar Speaker, and Motivational Speaker. Devendra Sharma started his network marketing career 16 years ago with Safe Shop Company. And today he is one of the top promoters of Safe Shop Company.

top mlm leadres in india
Devendra Sharma is also a Youtube speaker and more than 4 lakh people are on his YouTube subscribers. 

10.sumit Chauhan:- Now, the leader who I tell you about does not have his Millions of followers, but he is a person who has the ability to motivate everyone with his words and his name is Sumit Chauhan. Sumit Chauhan is you tuber and MLM Educator.

Sumit Chauhan completed his engineering from Bangalore and then he moved to Delhi for an MBA. In Delhi, he started working in Mutual Fund and after some time he quit this job.
After this, he thought of starting his own startup and started selling online mobile covers through e-commerce.
After some time a friend of his told him about direct selling business and asked him to join but he refused.

Sumit Chauhan is against motivation and believes in educating the people about this industry. I’m not sure, but he is not currently with any MLM Company.

I hope you liked this post and you will follow all these things to be successful in network marketing.

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