Top Best Online Colleges in Texas in 2020

Top Best Online Colleges in Texas in 2020




Distance students can earn a degree from one of the best online colleges in Texas without ever setting foot on campus.

However, the sheer number of online programs can make it difficult to find a school that meets your personal and academic needs.

In the ranked list below, we offer valuable information for prospective students to consider when researching online colleges. From available degrees and concentration areas to tuition information and available student resources, these school descriptions can help you locate an online program that fits your budget and supports your academic pursuits.


How much can you make with an online degree from a college in Texas?

According to, Texas residents who secure a bachelor’s degree end up making anywhere from $57k to $68k annually. That figure increases to the $77k range for folks who go on to pursue a master’s degree and a $91k salary for individuals with a doctorate degree. Education pays off in Texas!

What can you do with an online degree from a college in Texas?

Out of these 25 Texan colleges, you’ll find online degree options that span every industry imaginable. That means whatever your career goals are, you’ll find an online degree in Texas that will match it!

If you’re hoping to jump in on a booming industry in Texas, we’ll help guide the way. Currently, the three leading industries in Texas in terms of boosting state GDP are as follows:

  • Finance / Insurance / Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Services

You’ll find degrees on this list ranging from bachelors to doctorates that fit the bill for these three industries. Let your online degree take you places!

What are the Best Online Colleges in Texas?

At College Choice, we’re devoted to creating helpful, thorough lists that make the college selection process as simple and as stress-free as possible. Our rankings gather data from a variety of sources and span numerous areas of satisfaction stats so that you can rest assured that the information you’re looking at is up-to-date, accurate, and expansive. Whether you’re searching through our list for an online master’s degree in Texas or a traditional college in The Lone Star State, we’re here to help you focus on the things that matter, like your budget, interests, and time constraints. We’re here to help! Take a look!

Why Choose Texas for Online Higher Education?

Online programs in Texas offer many professional and personal benefits. The following list outlines several advantages of attending an online program.


Online learning formats give students the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional obligations.


Working professionals and busy students benefit from the convenience of an online format, which lets students arrange coursework around other responsibilities.


Online students often save on many of the expenses that on-campus students incur, like housing and commuting costs. Additionally, many programs offer in-state tuition discounts to all online students regardless of where they live.

Online Resources

Most online colleges in Texas support online learners with resources like writing centers, academic advising, and career centers. These resources help students thrive in college and transition into the workforce.

Top 10 Best Online Colleges in Texas


1. Letourneau University

When you are looking into the best online colleges in Texas, you want to consider Letourneau University in Longview. The university offers 26 online degree programs to give students a wide array of options for their studies. It also offers multiple concentrations within different majors to help students gain the specialized skills they need to accomplish their goals.

2. University of Houston Victoria

The University of Houston at Victoria is one of the best online schools in Texas for students who want to work on a degree at home. The school offers 21 online degree programs, which give students multiple options for their degrees. It also ensures that students who have not yet decided on their final goals for a major have flexibility in relation to the degree programs that may apply to their long-term career goals.


3. University of Houston-Downtown

The University of Houston in Downtown offers 15 online undergraduate programs. It is one of the best online schools in Texas due to the high number of online programs and flexible scheduling options. Students are able to work at their own pace through the online system and can continue to maintain personal responsibilities, obligations, or a current job while working on a degree.


4. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers one of the best online programs for students who want to obtain their undergraduate degree without attending a traditional on-campus program. The school offers 14 online degree programs that range from English to Early Childhood Education. Students can select a degree program that fits their personal goals. It gives students a variety of options that work around personal schedules and provide a flexible solution to help with career objectives.

Opportunities for college education in Texas

There are around 252 Title IV granting colleges in Texas. There are more than 100 public colleges and more than 50 private non-profit colleges in the state. The state also has around 90 private for-profit colleges.

The degrees or certificates awarded in the online colleges of Texas include Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor’s. According to the National Center of Education and Statistics, the total number of degrees awarded in 2016 was 1,603,259. The total number of degrees awarded in the year 2015-2016 was 86,838 Associate’s Degree, 126,083 Bachelor’s Degree, 52,453 Master’s Degree, and 10,954 Doctoral Degrees.

The students are provided with the financial aids as per the requirements and eligibility criteria mentioned for each grant or other financial aids.



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