Top 10 Direct Selling, Network Marketing Companies In India 2019-2020

top 10 direct selling companies


Here I’m telling you about the top 10 direct selling companies, Network marketing companies, MLM companies in India 2020 and also telling about there starting date, How many products he has, how many countries they work, etc…

Direct selling means marketing any product and reaching it directly to the customer. And it can be said that he is either home or in office. Direct Selling information is given by Direct Sellers. Generally, direct milling information is given either by explanation or by a customer through another medium.

Research suggests that there is some reason why people are adopting direct selling much, especially in India.

Direct Selling is a very good way to start a business and this is not a job. It is a business of its own, especially for those women who want to do something in the free time and it is also suitable for the consumer. A good product is sitting at home at good prices. Gets it Direct Selling gives you a Freedom Life so that you can do your work from anywhere.

Direct Selling is a very good way to earn extra money besides your main job. And I am not speaking in all these ways, it has been said by India’s Direct Selling Association (IDSA).

Direct selling business is the noble profession in the world. Direct selling companies provide the best opportunity.
Now you can see the top 10 direct selling companies list…


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  2. AMWAY
  4. IMC

That is the top 10 direct selling companies list...According to FICCI & IDSA, the direct selling industry generates 64500 crores turnover in 2025 and generates 2 crores jobs in India. Now direct selling or network marketing chapters included in bookes various universities in India 1.8 million youth make carrier in direct selling industry till 2025. If you have to search for a Better company and you want to join a company or are thinking about it, then you should join a company that is involved in the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India and all of these are found in the below Is given

1.profile of the company( Date, product, plan)
2.promoters of company
3.products system
5.plan of company
6.easy to doing business


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vestige is a leading direct selling company and this company is included in the Top 10 direct selling companies in India 2020 Vestige Company started on 2 June 2004. Three people started this company together, Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood. When it started, it had 2 OFFICE, Delhi and Bangalore. But today the company has 100+ branch offices and 4700+ distributor centers. In 2008, Vestige opened its first international office in Nepal and in 2012 the second has opened in Dubai. vestige is the best network marketing company in India

Vestige Company is the only company in India that has left behind all the other companies in the Achievement. The Vestige Company has 4500+ car achievements and more than 350 people have been taken by Audi, b.m.w, jaguar…

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Amway is also a network marketing company, it is the largest direct-selling company. At the same, It’s a family business that values every Amway business owner as a partner in a journey of success.
Amway direct selling business started in 1959 by lifelong friends and his close friend partner
Rich Devos and jay van andel ..  Amway business was founded on principals of freedom, family, Hope and a reward.

Today, throughout Europe experience and promotional centers in six countries offer new insights Into it’s past, present and future. Visitors can find out more about the sales and marketing plan As well as the product lines from the Amway range of nutrition, beauty, and homecare brands. In Addition to this, Amway experience and promotional centers are equipped with facilities for Promotional days, private group bookings organized corporate events and training workshops. and this company is included in the Top 10 network marketing company in India…

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The 3rd rank of under top 10 MLM companies is mi lifestyle marketing global private limited That deals with a range of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for day to day life. This network marketing company’s aim is to deliver the best product for there consumer, who forms the core of the company, directly. They ensure that our network of registered distributors is Trained leaders and consumers get the best with special benefits and profitable opportunities Thanks to the increasing dominance of the direct selling industry in the country…

This promotes the brands as well as the direct selling industry amongst the user community. They not only provide business opportunities to individuals but also introduce the affordability factor in the Smartly designed convenience shopping model which is constantly involved in their daily activities.

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International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd is an Indian direct selling, network marketing company. IMC was started in 2007 and this is also member of IDSA company turnover in 2019 is 400 crores.

This company is dealing with word-class health products. This company started his journey since 2007 and now this company is a leading direct selling company in India. This company’s product quality is very good and the result is also very good.

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5.NASWIZ Retails

This company offers premium quality products on its website catering to a diversified range of categories, Right from men and women clothing, footwear, fashion accessories to health care, home and Décor and personal care. it sells products under its own label and offers a handsome Commission to its distributors for the sales that they make. Naswiz simple and straightforward A business plan enables its distributors not only to enjoy quality products but also to tap the earning Potential impregnated within them. this 

Naswiz Retails started in the year of 2011, also march in the direct selling industry has been exceptional Right from achieving varied accolades to getting its success story featured in magazines, Carson Has it all big to its credit. The award and recognition of its founders and thorough coverage By big media houses such as Hindustan Times, headlines today, business standard, India today Group, etc. speak of its massiveness in the direct selling industry. Naswiz is also one of the founder members of the federation of the direct selling association (FDSA) in India. FDSA is making concentrated efforts towards the expansion of the direct selling industry in the country.

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Modicare started his journey in 1996 and pioneered direct selling in India. this company started with 1 center, 7 products, and approximately 400 consultants. Today it has pan India presence with over 40 centers catering to over 2700 cities.

This company is dealing in personal care products, color cosmetics and skincare, home care, laundry care, agriculture, auto care, nutrition, food and beverage, and health & wellness. Modicare products are developed by the company’s own highly experienced technical staff at its R&D centers. All products are formulated according to international standards and developed in accordance with Indian tastes. At the time the company has 40 centers across the country that supplies products to over 2700 cities…

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Herbalife company that has helped people pursue a healthy, active life since 1980. These company products are available exclusively through our more than 2.3 million independent associates in more than 90 countries.

This company mainly works on big and thin people. Herbalife company works on nutrition, it’s all products are work on nutrition and without any side effects. The purpose and unique value of this company.

This company distributors and employees is to help people be healthier and happier through personalized nutrition and a proven business opportunity so that around the globe, every tomorrow is continually better.

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The safe shop is also an Indian network marketing company which started on the 14th of December, 2000. And register under company act 1956. Safe shop work in six major fields that is education, health & beauty, fashion, technology, garments for ladies & gents and the last one is a home lifestyle.

The safe shop is a registered company under the company act, 1956 on 22 January 2001 with the ministry of corporate affairs(MCA), it is also the 1st MLM company with ISO 9001-2015 certification. This network marketing company has 50+ companies in partnership. These companies are famous companies either at the national level or at an international level with 75+ products.

This company pays out cheque weekly on Tuesday. A safe shop is not a company of investment. The money you give to there will be refunded as a product. There is no membership charge of the safe shop means safe shop membership is free.

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Glaze trading was founded in the year 2003 by two visionary young entrepreneurs, Mr.saneev Chhibber and Mr. Chetan Handa as a direct selling company. Their common goal was to enhance consumer delight while enriching the lives of people associated with the business by promoting Free enterprise and success in togetherness.

Glaze trading has accumulated significant expertise over the past 12 years. Founded on the humble Values and aspirations of life hope, reward, ownership, togetherness and winning instinct, glaze offers a plethora of opportunities suited to every ordinary person to achieve extraordinary results. This transformation process is aided, guided and supported by extensive business training, Mentoring and self-empowerment initiatives to shape the distributors in achieving their goals.

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FLP start since 1978 and located in Scottsdale, Arizona, forever living products, through its group of global companies is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products in the world. forever has over 50 million aloe vera plants growing in our Dominican Republic and Texas plantations. When it comes to converting CO2 into oxygen, 20 aloe plants are able to convert the same amount of CO2 as one tree, so with aloe alone, Forever is already cleansing the earth of millions of tons of CO2 every year and this company is included in the Top 10 direct selling companies in India 2019-2020.

For almost 40 years, FLP has dedicated ourselves to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the word. With a commitment to quality and purity, they are passionate about helping everyone around the world look and feel better. With forever business owners in more than 150 countries worldwide, Forever is helping people live in a way that they never dreamed possible.

The Forever opportunity allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, providing the tools, inspiration, and leadership that you need to reach your goals. It’s our nature to share good things. That’s how there social business work. One story at a time, one person to the next…

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