No.1 Direct Selling [Network Maketing] Company In India 2020

Guide To No.1 Direct Selling Company In India

 Here in this post, We are telling you about the No.1 Direct Selling Company In India. Here we will tell you about the Direct Selling Company which works under the rules of Direct Selling Guidelines and that company is no.1 in India.

no.1 network marketing company in india

It is often seen that people Searching for No.1 Network Marketing Company In India, but they cannot find the right company and then they start working in such a company and after some time they are not able to succeed in it. The hopes and dreams that he comes in this industry to fulfill are not fulfilled and then he starts to feel bad about this work. So today, I tell you the name of a company that is India’s No.1 direct selling company and I am just going to tell you the complete information about why there is no.1 company and why you should join this company.

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What is Direct Selling?

Basically Direct Selling is the business where a company delivers its services and products directly to the customer. Here, no mediator and broker are required to deliver the product to the customer. Just as there is a process of channel distribution of the product, Direct Selling is also a process, in which there are Distributor Individuals who directly connect with the manufacturer and deliver the goods to the consumer. There is more focus on building a network in direct selling because once a good network is built, the cell is on its own, it is called the power of the network.

So if you want to know more about direct selling than I have a separate blog on this so you can visit and understand the full meaning of direct selling so click here.

No.1 Direct Selling Company In India 

So, now here I am presenting you the No.1 Network Marketing Company in India and its name is Vestige Marketing Private Limited. Vestige is the leading direct selling company in India. This company is growing very well and its distributor is also growing well and earned a very well much income by vestige. In terms of products and services, only the right of selling products has own by only this company, other companies cannot sell that company’s products and services, and this is the biggest reason for this company in Indian marketing to grow extensively very well. That’s why this company is the Best Direct Selling Company In India.

no.1 network marketing company in india 2020

Here we are providing the many reasons why vestige is No.1 Direct Selling Company In India.  We are not giving you a single reason, we are giving you many reasons that vestige is the best opportunity business in direct selling and network marketing.

So let’s talk about more for vestige Marketing Private Limited.

About Vestige

The Vestige Company was founded in 2004. Today Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company has become the leading directing selling company of the world and by only selling the word class wellness product throughout Indian marketing. Vestige is continuously growing year by year. Vestige manufactures new products every year and whatever products are made by the company, they are completely consumable and they are also GMP and Halal certified. This company is also an ISo 9001-2015 certified company. Vestige has 2500+ online and offline sales outlets pan India. Vestige is also working at the international level and is constantly growing every year. Vestige gives her a distributor a chance to live her life on condition. Along with earning income in the Vestige, you also get a chance to maintain good health.

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Vestige Management/Owners

The Vestige Company was started by 3 very experienced people. These are the 3 people who have worked in the direct selling industry for many years and have given success to many other companies in the direct selling industry and the name of these 3 people is Gautam Bali [Managing Director], Deepak Sood [Director], Kanwar Bir Singh [Director]. These are the 3 people who started Vestige together in June 2004.

So let us more talk about these 3 people.

  1. Gautam Bali [ Managing Director ]Gautam Bali is the Managing Director of Vestige Company. He has worked for various companies as CEO and consultant for many years. He founded the Vestige Company in June 2004 with his experience and the idea of making people successful.
  2. Deepak Sood [ Director ] – Deepak Sood is the director of the Vestige Company. He has made many different companies successful as excellent sales, marketing, and well-known motivator. Through this skill, he constantly brings new changes in the Vestige and provides a new direction to the company.No.1 Direct Selling Company In Inida
  3. Kanwar Bir Singh [Director] – Powered by a rich experience in managing IT solutions for the direct sales industry over the years, Kanwar Bir Singh has been instrumental in integrating information technology solutions with custom business processes and bringing great change through digital empowerment.

Vestige Turnover And Data

The company that has taken direct selling to new heights in India. The Westies played a key role in establishing the real direct selling industry in India. Vestige is a company with notable management, profile, products, marketing plans and leadership, training systems. And indeed extraordinary today all Indian organizations are trying to copy the Vesties system and operation. The Westies are not officially there.

Vestige Turnover 2018-2019

As a Direct Selling Organization in India, turnover in 2018 is Rs 1850 and Vesties is ranked 63 among the top 100 direct selling companies worldwide. The only Indian company in the top 100.

Vestige Business Plan

Vestige Business Plan is completely different from other direct selling company’s business plans. If seen, there are different types of plans in the direct selling business, which you can know better by clicking here.
If we talk about the Vestige Business Plan, then the Vestige Business Plan is a generation plan. Under the Generation Business Plan, you can run your leg according to your choice and you do not have to match the money in any way.

In Vestige, a distributor can get income in 7 different ways and here you can see the 7 types of income in vestige:-

  1. Saving on consumption – 10-20%
  2. Accumulative Performance Bonus – 5-20%
  3. Director Bonus – 14%
  4. Leadership Overriding Bonus – 15%
  5. Travel Fund – 3%
  6. Car Fund – 5%
  7. House Fund – 3%

Why You Should Join Vestige Direct Selling Company?

Yes, You all are thinking that why you should join Vestige Marketing Private Limited Company. so here I am telling you the measuring point that why you should choose this company. So here is some facts point:-

  • Vestige was launched in June 2006 with only 2 offices but today vestige has 150+ branch offices and more than 4500 mini offices. This company has grown very well in such a short time. Whereas the companies that have been running for the last several years have not done as well as this company has done.
  • If the total users using the Vestige app are more than 5 million, then you can guess how many numbers of distributors will be in Vestige.
  • Vestige is a company that does not deal with only one product category; it deals with all the products that are necessary for daily life. It deals with many products like home products, agriculture products, lifestyle products.
  • If you talk about income in a direct selling company, then the person earning the highest income is in the Vestige direct selling company. There are more than a thousand people in the Vestige, whose monthly income is above 1 lakh rupees.
    No.1 Direct selling company in india                             Best direct selling company
  • Talking about the highest income check of the direct selling company, it is in the name of Siddharth Singh in the vestige. And that check is Rs 1,68,04,066.
  • Vestige is the only company to have made 14 overseas trips so far in 16 years. There is no such record and no company which has made this record.
  • In Vestige, more than 350 people have taken cars like Oddi, BMW, and Marsadiz.

This is some facts point that makes vestige different companies. We hope that all the things are clear about the vestige and No.1 Direct selling company in India 2019-2020.

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