Network Marketing Books, MLM Books In Hindi

Network Marketing books
Top 10 Direct Selling Books In Hindi/English, Network Marketing Books

Here I’m telling you about Network Marketing Books, MLM books in Hindi. If anyone person joins the network marketing then the first step for this business is learning and it possible by only reading books, so here I’m recommending the best direct selling books.   

Why is it important for us to read Network Marketing Books?

If you have joined Network Marketing, and you are not getting support from Upline? And you are afraid to hear negative about it from your friend and family and you have absolutely no idea about it? And you are thinking, is a network marketing a chain system or pyramid system? So, friend, today let me tell you that today’s era and the coming era are going to run on such business. People who have succeeded in network marketing have also written books about it.

so who would you listen to? Those who failed and those who are successful? So in this post, I am going to tell you about the network marketing books that many people have read and achieved their dreams and have succeeded in network marketing.


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Best Network Marketing Books I’ve Read So Far

Here is the list of network marketing Hindi books that I’ve personally read and are also considered as some of the best in the industry.


1. Lok vyavahar
2. Sawal hi jawab hai
3.Business school
4.Reach dad poor dad
5.Jeet Aapki
6.Duniya ka Mahan salesman
7.Aap bhi leader ban sakte hai
8.Sochiyo or ameer baniye
9.Judo Jodo or Jeeto
10. Naye Jamane ka Naya business: network marketing


1.lok vyavahar

lok vyavahar

Click Here to Buy Now Lok Vyavahar


Authors- Carnegie dale

Language- Hindi/English

Public behavior is written by Carnegie dale, through this book people can improve their behavior towards others, in which the author tries to develop our thinking and thoughts.

In this book, the author has written in a chapter that we should have two things in life, first success and second happiness. It is clear from this line that the author or book is going to tell us everything that you want. That’s why it’s the best MLM book in Hindi.

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2.sawal hi jawab hai

network marketing books

Click Here to Buy Now – Sawal hi Jawab Hai


Author- Allan Pease

Language- Hindi/English

Through simple technology, tried tips and powerful strategies, you will be able to learn how to take your networking business to the peak that you would not have imagined even in this dream this book gives tips on how to become rich by working less hard.

Even if you are not from networking marketing, even then you will get to learn valuable techniques to understand and explain people by this direct selling book.


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3.Business school

MLM books

Click Here to Buy Now – Business School


Author- Robert T. Kiyosaki
Language- Hindi/English

The Business School is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki, in which he networked. Explains its core eight ‘hidden benefits’ of marketing business.

Robert explains that network marketing business is “a revolutionary way to gain wealth, it makes it possible for everyone to have a wealth of wealth, is open to anyone who has the will, determination, and passion.”



4. Reach Ded Poor Dad

direct selling books

Click Here to Buy Now – Reach Ded Poor Dad


AuthorRobert T. Kiyosaki

Language- Hindi/English

Reach Dad Poor Dad is also written by Robert T. Kiyosaki. As it is written on the front page of the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad means Robert has told in this book what do rich people teach their children that poor middle-class people do not teach their children.

Robots have told that in today’s life people break like a rat, which means they break in search of a job to achieve financial freedom and the same income can be obtained from the job in which we live our lives Could do.


5.Jeet Aapki

jeet apki

Click Here to Buy Now – Jeet Aapki

Author- Shiv Kheda

language- Hindi/English

Jeet Aapki, the author of the book is Shiv Kheda. Shiv Kheda has written 35 best thoughts in this book which can make you positive. He has written many of his books, this is one of those books. This book is considered to be a very important book for network marketing people. Jeet is your treasure of book motivation, which motivates people.

I recommend every person to read this book because this book helps you in completing your work. If any person reads this book carefully, then positive change will definitely come in his life.

If you want to make your dreams a reality in network marketing, then you have to be positive and positive comes only when we read some books that keep your mind positive.
That’s why “Jeet Aapki” Book is one of the Top 10 Network Marketing Books in hindi


6. The IBO Field Guide

ibo Filed

Click Here to Buy Now – The IBO Field Guide

Author- Naomi Goegam
Language- Hindi/English

The guide book explains the easiest way to become successful, it says “The easiest way to become successful is to follow a successful person. This book helps you in realizing your dreams. Direct selling business in it The experiences of those leaders who have already been successful by following that path has been adopted. This book explains the solution to those problems which are with you day by day. Through this book, you can make your dreams come true.


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7.Aap Bhi Leader Ban Sakte Hai

Network marketing book


Author- Dale Carnegie
Language- Hindi/English

Through the book “You too can be the leader”, the author mentions some important things for the network marketer to succeed in his life and to succeed in marketing which would lead him to achieve his goal.
Some important points were also mentioned in this book, which is as follows –

– To identify your leadership powers.

– To achieve your goals and increase confidence.

– End one is to become a team player and increase cooperation among colleagues.

– In the balance lane between work and rest.

– To overcome your worries and energize your life.



8. Sochiyo Aur Ameer Bnaiye

mlm Book

Click Here to Buy Now – Sochiye Aur Ameer Baniye 


Author- Napoleon Hill
Language- Hindi/English

Another one of the best books to get success in the network marketing industry and the book name es “Sochiye or Amir Baniye”. The author of this book is Napoleon Hill, who has such ways to earn money in this book, which can change your life and bank balance.

In this book, Napoleon Hill has done an in-depth study of the interviews done with 500 capitalists, giving examples of these capitalists, he has set up some such principles of success, which by adopting and regular practice one can achieve success in life.


9. Judo Jodo  Jeeto

judo jodo or jeeto

Click Here to Buy Now – Judo Jodo Aur Jeeto

Author- Ujjwal Patni
Language- Hindi/English

This book is very helpful for network marketing people, that’s why I consider it one of the top 10 books of network marketing. If any person wants to become or create a diamond in network marketing, then he should read this book. This book has been written by Ujjwal Patni, who gives seminars on topics like network marketing.




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10.Naye Jamane Ka Naya Business

naye jamane ka naya business

Click Here to Buy Now –  Naye Jamane Ka Naya Business 

Author- Shanker Manshani
Language- Hindi/English

Network marketing is a business on which you can make your dreams come true. This book gives the key to success in this business, which you can change your life by reading and following the instructions and no power in the world can stop you from achieving success. With its help, you will know all the secrets related to this business and you will get a new way of success.





I hope you liked this post and you will follow all these things to be successful in network marketing.

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